August 29, 2007

Double Doggy Duty (& Dooty)

My sister is away and I'm watching her dog.

She was trained to be a Parkinson helper dog and she is very attentive. She follows me everywhere, perched on the basement stairs while I'm doing laundry, standing in the kitchen while I'm cooking, and laying beneath me while I'm on the computer.

The two girls are just pacing and wagging and pacing and wagging all day long. When will they settle!? I used to have a dane that followed me everywhere and as you can imagine, being followed by a 185 lb animal at all times gets a bit tiresome and sometimes dangerous if you don't watch your step.

This is what I see everywhere I go:

Today I took the two dogs to my son's varsity soccer scrimmage. Did I manage to see all the "awesome" and "sick" plays my son's friend said my son made? No. I was cleaning up massive piles of dooty, I was pulled in two directions by 150 lbs of animal flesh, I was tied up in leashes, I was panted all over, I was slobbered on, I was wiping slobbering chops, I was encircled by dog lovers of every age and a whole busload of people stood and stared at us as we passed. Anyway, I really don't have much more to say about it. I really just wanted to post something to push down the entry before this one where I embarrassed myself.


rosemary said...

Is that your PUPPY?????? She has sure grown!! Oh ya Jennie, dooty clean up and dog slobber is much better than a glam shot. I like that pix in my mind much better.

Jennie said...

lol ;) Well, keep picturing throughout the weekend when you think of me.