August 23, 2007

Out to Lunch

Driving the kids home from the grocery store I passed a Mexican restaurant, which made me think of something Stan and I had talked about.

"When you guys are in school," I began, "some days Dad and I are going to drop Sean off for Kindergarten," (because Dad works from home), "and we're going out to lunch. Alone! With no kids!"

Sean piped up from the back seat, "Going out to lunch without your kids!? Isn't that illegal??"


chocolatechic said...

It was illegal when I was a kid, but not anymore!!! ;)

Paul said...

If he wants to go out to lunch, then he should get a job, too.

And pick up the tab once in awhile.


gina said...

That's just adorable!

Anonymous said...

Feels great enough that it SHOULD be illegal!!