August 18, 2007

Picture Prompts

Okay, I'm done with that vacation theme. That's enough pictures and complaints about the temperature. I just thought of a new thing I think I'm going to try here. See how it goes. I have a hobby, well, I haven't done it in quite a while, but I always thought it was fun. I'd carefully cut images out of magazines and other media and glue them into a book, either making interesting collages or just in a manner of "collecting" favorite images. It was a relaxing, creative thing.

The other day I was paging through a magazine and saw a picture and thought, hey, I ought to blog about it. Then I thought, hey, an idea - picture prompts. Then I thought, I'll blog about blogging about that....

So, new category: 'Zine Prompts. I'm not picking a day. The Book O' Mine on Tuesdays is already impossible enough. I have absolutely no idea why these have apostrophes instead of full words. I guess I just like silly things like that.

Patty O'Furniture


Paul said...

Hey, I know Patty O'Furniture. She and my cousin Sharon Sharalike are best friends. Small world, huh?

And on a truthful note: I was in high school with Sno Storm. She sat behind me in Algebra 1. Really. Would I kid you?

(I wrote a play a few years ago and the number two character is Wendy Day. My version of Oprah. To tell you the truth, I think she's one cool dudette.)

Jennie said...

Sno Storm! We had a family here in town when I was growing up named Bear and they had a daughter Panda and a son Teddy. ~sigh~

Sassafras is also good for campfires in the rain, my husband has told me, because there is a lot of oil in it so it doesn't get waterlogged.

Also, there are three different leaves, but I only seem to have picked up two. There's also a three pronged one.

rosemary said...

Apostrophes need a home and you have given them a good one. Really nice mix of colors.

There is a family called Rainbow in our town, Paz, Hope, Memory, and Blue.

Paul said...

Guess what. I met a lady today whose name is Donita B. Ironed.

Hey, who needs enemies when you got friends like me?

Jennie said...

Isn't she married to Jim Nasium?