August 19, 2007

Sassafras in August

Sassafras leaves fall early. They come in all of my favorite colors. They fall all around my kids' swing set and sometime every August, while they play, I find myself milling around them, picking up leaves and collecting them in a pile in my palm. As I return to the house, I think, "Now, Jennie, what do you think you're going to do with them? Iron them into a wax paper placemat? String them around your neck? Stick them to your kitchen windows?" This time I had an answer for myself. No, I'll blog them! Maybe some of my friends don't have a sassafras tree and they'd like to see these colors too. I did this a few days ago and never took the leaves out of my printer. Imagine my husband's surprise when he goes to copy something. Living with me, I'm sure he'll give it little thought. We also have driftwood drying about, bowls of heart rocks, little piles of rocks around the yard, feathers in the van console....He knows he's living with a 42/6 year old girl. When I was little, my parents and I used to go into the woods and dig up a sassafras root for tea. Smells so good. I have good sassafras memories all around.


Paul said...

I need to learn more about the Sassafras tree. Remember, I grew up in the desert and now live six blocks from the prairies. I have a walking counselor who suggests that the best walking sticks are of Sassafras. He has many beautiful walking sticks. Maybe I can get him to let me take a buncha pictures. Thanks for this post. Post some more colorful info about that tree. By the way, when I finally do get a stick, I'm gonna have it decorated with little decals: flags from every state.

sophie said...

What beautiful colors! I'm glad I came by today. I'm visiting randomly from Michele's--in honor of her birthday.

rosemary said...

I remember my auntie drinking sassafras tea and telling me it was "good for what ails ya, girl."