August 12, 2007

South Carolina Trip installment 2: Sean Quotes, on the way

8/1 First Day

12:05pm, exercising his arm at therapy, one hour before we leave for South Carolina

Mommy, are we going to take the short cut to South Carolina?

There is no shortcut to South Carolina, Sean.

Oh. Then we're taking the longcut?

2:05pm, just minutes after we left and while we are stuck in a freak detour traffic jam near our house

Mommy, how much longer till we get to South Carolina?

2:50pm, in Delaware

Mommy. Did I ever tell you about the dream I always have? I keep having it. There's a bunch of frozen monkeys in the freezer downstairs and they come out to attack me, Seth and Luke every night.


Daddy! The speed limit is 55! Southwest. Why are you going southwest? Okay, now we're going south. Southwest again! Daddy, the speedlimit keeps being 55! Now we're going south! ... 55 still!! ...

8:04pm in North Carolina

I'm thirsty!

We'll be stopping soon, Sean.

Mommy, my conscience tells me that I'm going to be thirsty all night!


8/11 The way home

Somewhere on 95N, right before Virginia

Mommy, would you rather have your head on backwards and your body forwards, or your head facing forwards and your body on backwards?

3:00pm, right before Stan spun around in a small panic

Hey, Daddy. The longer pretzels stay in the water, the bigger they get!
(Small cup holder in carseat, filled with water, with pretzels floating about.)


I also noted two other things heard on the trip.

Seth in the hotel room after Luke informed him: "Dad said no Nikelodeon - Discovery channel or History channel."

That's like saying, "No candy - Brussels sprouts or onions."

Stan (my midwestern man) sitting in bridge traffic in Maryland...I mean, really bad bridge traffic...45 minutes for a mile and a half bridge traffic...after 11 hours in the van


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Paul said...

You know the difference between North Carolina's heat, humidity and highways and South Carolina's heat, humidity and highways?