August 12, 2007

South Carolina Trip

Just returning from a trip south. We drove to my best friend's house in South Carolina first. These pictures are from there. Then off to the beach, Isle of Palms and Charleston for a week. I'll be posting about it this week with pictures and anecdotes, including my Tuesday Book O' Mine of the book I read on the beach. But now I'm going to try and relax and cool off. It was beyond hot there, heat index of 117 one day. That is not even funny. Not a day went by, not an hour went by probably, that I didn't find myself uttering, "Uhhh. It's hot."

But just to bring it on home to us, my friend brought us on a hike through a pine woods. It was a cool park! It was a horse park, where there was an old horse ring and jumps and even a grassy track.

Beautiful stuff there in Aiken. Beautiful town, yummy restaurants...but Luke lost his wallet with $140.00 in it, so if the finder happens to be reading this...please send it to the address he had written on the slip of paper inside. He's been saving that money forever!


Paul said...

It's good to see you're back. And if there was a way I could find Luke's wallet and his money, I surely would. I can pray, though.

rosemary said...

I was wondering where you were....lovely place and I love the meandering wall. 117? What is God thinkin?