August 30, 2007

Today and Tomorrow

This morning I took the kids, Sean and Luke, to their new school for orientation. Sean will be in Kindergarten and Luke, 5th. Luke went to Kindergarten in this school, then homeschooled. So, this will be a change, but familiar. He remembered the music teacher's puppet when we peeked into the classroom on our scavenger hunt/tour. Evidently, the girls are awaiting his arrival, or so my neighbors have told me. Back in Kindergarten, all the girls would scream, "Luuuke!" whenever I dropped him off in the playground and then they'd chase him in a long line. He's probably doesn't remember this, but they do!

I thought Sean would be in afternoon Kindergarten, but the teacher that Luke had, who I loved, is only teaching in the morning, so I switched him. So, I will be free from 8:30 to 11:00. What will I do? I haven't been alone in my house without children for 15 1/2 years! And before that I spent my days teaching children. Sheesh. I am beside myself wondering. You'll probably see a lot of self-taken photos of me swinging on my porch swing whistling, sitting in my yard chair reading, eating piles of Oreos with milk at the kitchen table while watching Dr. Phil. These are the things I'm looking forward to.

No, actually I'm kidding, these are the things I've been doing for 15 1/2 years. I have decided to do some work around the house like painting, getting the algae off the roof, etc...maybe I'll even learn how to throw some mud and repair the holes and cracks in our walls! Cause I'm a wooomahn. The options are endless in a 100 year old home. So, this year I think I'll catch us up on some of that stuff. And eat bon bons. Maybe even learn to make bon bons. What exactly is a bon bon?

Meanwhile, there's the dog-report. My sister's dog moaned and cried all night because we made her sleep downstairs with Ruby. Then she started barking at 5am. Stan went down and took her out, not for our sake, but the neighbors'. She has quite a bark and she was standing next to a window. Then this afternoon my neighbor came over to meet her. My neighbor is a lady who's over 6 foot, I'd say. This freaked my sister's dog out. Now I realize why she failed Parkinson Dog Training. It took her about 10 minutes to warm up to my neighbor. She had to sit down in a lawn chair.

Well, the carnival's in town. The kids want to spend the evening on cheesy little rides that I fear will fly off and send them into the stratosphere, but who am I to interupt their fun? All I know is I'm NOT going on the Scrambler again. So, for the next few days it's our evening's entertainment. Woo hoo.

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