August 20, 2007

'Zine Prompt 1

Do you know Patti Smith, the rocker? I did. She doesn't remember that, but let's not get technical. When I was four and under, I lived in a house split into three apartments. We lived on the first floor, my friend Suzy lived upstairs and three college girls lived in the basement.

These girls would have my friend Steph and I over for Kool-Aid. I have a fuzzy memory of sitting on a big orange upholstered cushion under a small basement window, drinking from a small cup. And these girls were friends with Patti Smith, who lived a couple blocks away. I have no memory of her, not even a fuzzy one. However, my parents have always told me that the dragon (that's what they called her) taught me to memorize and sing Strawberry Fields and even wanted to take me to her poetry class to have me sing it there. Wha? Wasn't this the sixties? What were these people on? What exactly were they giving me to drink in that little cup on the orange cushion?? Where was my Mommy?!

Years later, to promote a new book, Patti Smith showed up at the local Barnes and Nobles in her own hometown. Mom and Dad were all excited and they wanted their little 3 year old Strawberry Fields girl to come along. We listened to her talk, then lined up to meet her and get her autograph. I think dad bought the book. Mom said hello and told her about the apartment and how she taught me to sing Strawberry Fields. Patti Smith had absolutely no idea what this woman was yammering about. She was polite and friendly and signed quickly as my mom was talking and blushing. It says something like
Remember Strawberry Fields, Patti Smith

Yes, we remember! And then we walked away, holding our new book.

Sometimes it's best to hold onto to those memories and leave them as such.

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rosemary said...

My brother went to school with Cheryl Tiegs, but you beat that by a, patti smith