September 18, 2007

Is it insensitive of me to complain about how tired I am? I feel something like a mixture of haven't slept for 3 days - rowed up a river - studied for finals. Meanwhile, this little bugger is as happy as the lark that he is. His visit to the hospital this morning was not too scary for him. They made him sleep before they did the IV, which was the worse part. The doctor came out of the OR smiling and saying what fun it was to talk to him and how he could talk to him all day. He was also surrounded by smitten nurses the whole time too, feeding him crackers out of the palm of their hands and asking him silly questions, egging him on. I'd like to have that kind of power. Maybe it's in the dimples, I don't know.

Well, while he was yukkin' it up in the OR, I was sitting in the waiting room with 11 other people, reading an upside down Time magazine, wishing I knew how to operate the Keurig coffee maker across the room, and imagining they must have misplaced him behind a laundry pile because it was taking so long. Here, they didn't misplace him, they were just playing with him.

The doctor said the next step will be rods, if this doesn't do it, so we're going to make it work this time. To accomplish this, Stan and I are coming up with a plan. First of all, we will never tell him to go outside again. You see, back in November during the first snow, Sean and I returned from a busy day of errand running and had a half hour before we had to run somewhere else. So, I said, "Go out and play in the snow!" He said, "Oh, I don't wanna." I said, "No, really. Go outside and enjoy the snow." He trudged straight to the swingset, straight up the slippery slide and fell flat on his face, busting open his chin, requiring stitches. On Saturday, Stan saw that Sean and his cousin were downstairs playing video games on a beautiful day, so he said, "It's too nice a day to play inside! Go out and play!" And they did. So we no longer go by the old addage Don't let your kids become couch potato video headed tv people. (Actually, that might be a new addage.) Anyway, we don't care. We will not tell Sean to go outside and he may now become one with the couch. Which is what I'm about to do.

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barbie2be said...

what a cute little guy you have there. even with the cast. i can see how the dr and nurses were smitten. :)