September 13, 2007


Michele likes to ask questions about the random things we do during our weekends. Here are some random things.

Today I mowed the lawn, brought a shirt to the cleaners, went to the feed store and bought 40 pounds of dog food. I sewed a button on Stan's pants, after so many years of him asking me to do it. I organized my two freezers, bought a flourescent lightbulb, and bought two Christmas pillows and a Christmas table runner at a discount store. I walked Sean to school and home from school, mile round trip each time. I made a weird dinner out of random things that I found in my freezer: two single pork chops, a t-bone steak and two different kinds of strange peppered vegetable combinations which were almost gone. I drove my oldest son to school and picked him up in the afternoon, because he's on crutches after a soccer injury yesterday. I did laundry and the song by K.D. Lang "Constant Craving" came to mind, only I was singing, "Constant laundry - Oooohhhh! Constant laundry has alwaaays been, has alwaaays been, has aaallllways been."

I witnessed my middle son asking my oldest son to check his math homework. It was one of those moments. My oldest son asked me if he could go to the fall dance - his first high school dance - with Leila, his girl friend. Or girlfriend, I don't know. It was another one of those moments. He also told me that during gym, he sat out next to a boy who has had operations on his leg his whole life to lengthen it. He said, "Mom, it just didn't feel right, everybody coming up and making a deal about what happened to my foot when Joe has been going through this his entire life." Yet another one of those moments. My youngest son and his little Kindergarten friend did their homework together at my house. They had to complete the sentence: "_________ is my favorite food" and then draw it. Sean immediately piped up - "Broccoli!" The teacher's going to think I told him to say that.

Probably my favorite moments of my day were walking to and from the school with a neighbor who has a toddler and two older kids. She was bemoaning the fact that it's hard to get anything done with a little one. I could tell that she was having some anxiety over feeling like she should be doing more, but just not being able to do all she wanted. Just having had the very first week of my parenthood without my children 24/7, I was able to tell her that it is not in her imagination. It is hard to get things done with toddlers and even 5 year olds - it's hard to run in and out of stores, empty freezers in a hurry, make choices about purchases and even sew a button on a pair of pants and it is much easier to do these alone, with a few hours to yourself. But somehow the conversation made me really appreciate the time I have spent with my kids not getting my work done. After dinner, Luke and I played a long game of Quiddler and he beat me, big time. Another one of those moments.


rosemary said...

Did Stan still wear his pants before the button was sewn on? Steve does so I figure what difference does it make? Jennie, you are a wonderful mother. eventually "your" time will become important too. Just think, you have already started your Christmas decorating! I saw kd in concert a long time ago. What ever happened to her? She just kind of faded away after that beach/barefoot CD.

chocolatechic said...

Those are precious moments.

Paul said...

And you're a great writer, too! Excellent, well-organized post.

(Just to keep you humble, the ugly old editor in me spied a grammar snafu. Sorry.)

Jennie said...

Let me have it Paul! Hey, and you just gave me an idea. If I ever get busy on my book idea(s), I'm gonna send it on out to you for editing!