September 26, 2007

Stan's **Special ** Day

My husband is 45 today.
That means I'm going to be 43 in several months.
That means I'm going to be 50 in several years.
I remember when my mother turned 50.
It feels like a couple years ago.
When I'm 50, Sean will only be 13.
When he graduates from high school, I'll be 55.
55 is the age some people retire and I haven't even gotten started yet.
I hate it when social security sends me those notes telling me how much money I've made in my lifetime.
Can I wear jeans and tye-dye t-shirts when I'm 50?
~Sigh~ I need to go get dressed and do something productive.
None of my jeans fit me right anymore.
I need to lose 5 pounds.
That's it, I'm only drinking water and coffee for the rest of the day.
I hate being fat.

Oh, Happy Birthday Honey.
Reckum Shmeckum, Elephant Shoes, I love you.



rosemary said...

Happy Birthday Stan. are NOT several years away from are more than 7. To answer your question; Yes, you can wear jeans and tye-dyes when you are 50 and even 60+. You are not 50, you are unfortunately more like your mother than you know.

Paul said...

Happy Birthday, Stan. You da man!

By the way, if you do like us, you can wear tie-dyed shirts for the rest of your life. Just celebrate another annual 39th birthday. My First Wife did last week.

Lea said...

...Have I taught you nothing grasshopper???? When your 50 you can wear your underwear on your head and tye dye shirts on your feet if you wnat!!

.. Happy Birthday Stan!!