September 29, 2007

World's Greatest Dad

Sean's orthopedic really likes him. We went in for an appointment yesterday and he went on about how the nurses and doctors in the operating room were all enamored by him. During the visit, he and Sean chatted a lot. Sean pointed out a spider on the wall and the doctor helped him open the back door to let it out. I suppose since we've made these visits a habit, he might as well get chummy with the doctor!

There was a plaque on his desk that read: World's Greatest Dad. Sean told the doctor that he could read the word Dad, but that his mom had had to read the other ones for him. The doctor asked, "Who do you think IS the world's greatest Dad, Sean?" Sean replied, "God. Or Jesus." The doctor, surprised I think, said that he liked that answer.

So tonight at dinner I was relaying the story to Stan. I no sooner got the introduction out and Sean interrupted, "And I said it was God, and then Jesus." I nudged Sean, "Aaaand, who is number 3, huh?" "Moses." We laughed. "Okaay, who is number 4 then?" Seth, who was clearing the table, couldn't resist chiming in, "Um, Abraham."

Sean added, for good measure, "And I guess Mary is the greatest mom."


Paul said...

Sean and Stan look like identical twins.

(I got one of those "World's Greatest Dad" pins when all my kids were still under 12. I had just lost my brother and my dad, so I was at my wits end about things. They gave me the pin at the airport when I returned home from the funerals. I still have it. I know exactly where it is.)

rosemary said...

Steve has a wood and mirror plaque his son made for him with those words on it.....his son is 37.

Ortho docs are usually pretty is the cardiologists and cardiac surgeons that usually think they walk on water.