October 29, 2007

Horrifying Weekend

There's no good way to start the story of what happened to my 10 year old, Luke, this weekend, so I'll just recount the events.

Luke was riding bikes with 3 friends, Ryan, Mike and Will. They stopped at Ryan's house and Ryan told Luke his parents were home. They weren't. The boys were playing kick ball in the street and a car approached and Will danced in the street in front of it. The car pulled over and the boys ran, thinking that the man would yell at them. Ryan and Luke ran into Ryan's house. Mike and Will ran to the back and got into the treehouse. From there, they saw the man walk down the driveway and into the basement door. A bit later, he came back out. Mike took off for home, Will ran inside to tell Luke and Ryan (and Ryan's 17yo sister) that the man had gone in the door. As they stood there talking, the man entered the house through the front door and came into the kitchen with them. He told them first that he was a realtor, then he told them he was a cop and that someone had called and told him that the kids didn't have a parent watching them.

He opened mail, he looked into the refrigerator. The parents called about then and told the girl to tell Ryan to get his shower. (Evidently they were going out to dinner.) The girl told them there was a stranger in the house. The headed home and called 911. The man must have overheard the conversation, because he told Ryan to get in the shower. Ryan didn't move, then he started yelling at him. Ryan went upstairs and hid in his room. All the while, Luke and Will stood frozen next to the back door and Luke was telling Will to call 911 on his cell phone, but Will saw the guy's cell phone which was just like his (he had it out and Luke believes he was taking pictures) and thought that the man somehow had his cell. They were in shock. The girl ran out and told a neighbor, leaving Luke and Will alone with the man in the kitchen. The man just sat there. Then he decided to leave and he told them to leave the house, lock all the doors and turn the television up really loud. The neighbor approached the man, who said he was a realtor again. Just then the parents pulled up and the man tore off. The father followed him in their car and called the police and they got him.

Luke called our house hysterical, crying. We ran over, it's just two blocks away, and then we took him to the police station so they could take his statement. When he got home I think he was in shock, he said he felt weird and he was exhausted. He was just stunned and totally confused. One minute they're playing, the next that. I don't know what made that man turn around and leave that house, but I am so thankful. I'm thinking it was God's angels. I tried to comfort him reminding him that God was there and He didn't allow the man to hurt them.

The man is being held on $25000.00 bail, he's being charged with burglary, theft (he stole their mail) and criminal trespassing. Evidently, he's done something of this sort before. I think he was completely nuts, the detective told my husband that it was a "difficult interview."

I'm so thankful. The thought pops into my mind once in a while that the man could've decided to take a boy with him along with the mail. But he didn't and I'm so so thankful.


Paul said...
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Paul said...

Holy cow!!! Praise God for Luke's angels!!! And the other kids', too!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jennie. This is terrifying. It is, of course, the right thing to do to be thankful first, but my mommy alarms haven't stopped ringing yet. I am so glad that Luke and his friends are safe. I am also reminded to be vigilant about watching my neighborhood. Adults have to be on the lookout for creeps so guardian angels don't have to work so hard.


chocolatechic said...

Praising God for His protection.

rosemary said...

Horrible....yup, there were a few angels in that house and thankfully the man was caught so he can't do this again hopefully.

Michele said...

Oh please tell me how Luke is doing now, and how are his friends. I inhaled fear from the start of the words "into the basement door," and did not exhale until the end of the post.

How simply terrifying.

Hopefully this man will get the help he needs.

Virtual hugs being sent your way. Please let me know how Luke is doing.