October 11, 2007

Little Creepy Things

Blogging has truly changed the way I look at life. Isn't it cool? You see something neat-o or strange or funny and you just want to photograph it or remember it so you can blog about it, even though it may be as run-of-the-mill as a spider on a web. On our way home, somewhere in Ohio, we got up before the sun to head east and this little spider hung next to our van, between me and the rising sun. While the kids were loading into the van, filled with video games, movies, pillows, candy, a cooler, small, medium and large sneakers and various other necessities, I was fumbling around for my camera in my purse to photograph this tiny spider with a flash and then without. Just for fun.

I also had another spider incident during our weekend. I had just turned the water off after my shower and reached for my towels. I wrapped one around my hair and was just about to dry off and BLAAAA! A black hairy good-sized spider dropped onto the shower floor. The sounds that follow are impossible for me to express in writing, but I'm sure you can fill in the blanks. I grabbed the nearest shampoo bottle and proceeded to slam it down on the spider until it looked more like a black spot than a black arachnid. Bbbbbbbbbbbblaaa. The fact that there was a spider on the floor in front of me was less disturbing than the idea of drying off with a towel that could have had a spider in it! Can you imagine!? BbbbBbbBbbbLLLAAA!

When we returned home, my sister in law sent me the following picture. This is a spider in her garden. She took a picture of Stan looking at it. Isn't that the funniest? Unless I happen to walk through their home unknowingly (which will cause horrible convulsions and wails) I like spiders in their designated spots - on webs in gardens. There they belong. Showers and towels, they do not and they will pay the price.

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