November 19, 2007

Black & White Memories

A friend of mine, Linda, stopped by today and dropped off these pictures of me, my sister Julie in the stroller and my friend, Linda's sister. Linda's mom died recently and pictures are surfacing so quickly she doesn't know what to do with them all.

This is my parents kissing next to a bottle of soy sauce. I do not recognize the hair on my mother and am wondering if she was donning a wig. For that matter, I don't recognize my dad with hair either. heh heh

Me, I still have the same old hair. Oh, now it's shorter, did I mention that? If you look on my pictures blog, you'll see. You'll also see how much OLDER I've gotten. ~shudder~ My friend says the pictures were just taken in bad light and that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


rosemary said...

long hair, cropped or chopped off hair, young or....ahhh..older (it happens to all of us sadly) you are lovely Jennie....I looked at your donation pix.....I actually like it shorter.

rosemary said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jennie.....I looked it up....I don't think lice eat much turkey so you should be safe with the hats on...I'd go with a feathered one if I were you!

Enjoy your wonderful family and a special hug to you and Sean.