November 4, 2007


What a week. I told you about that incident that scared us all quite well on Sunday. The next day I wanted to stay home and wait for any call from the school. I wasn't sure how Luke would be. Evidently, he and his friend answered so many questions about it on the playground, he was shaking while he tried to do his work at first. Then the counselor took him and another boy to talk about it.

Everything went okay and I was glad because I followed through with my plans to go to Longwood Gardens to meet a couple friends from a message board that I've known for about 5+ years. We had such a good time wandering and chatting. We had lunch at the cafe. These ladies were just the same in 3-D as they are in cyberspace and it was so good to see these friends in real life.

Halloween was pretty fun, but I have to admit that I always dread the holiday. I know it is very unfun of me. I went in to Sean's Kindergarten class and helped with a party. Then back to Luke's 5th grade class which had a scavenger hunt around town. I was the leader of 5 kids and we had 44 things to find/do in one hour in about an area of 1/2 mile by 1/4 mile. Ladies and gentlemen, our youth are out of shape. I, a 42 year old sporatic exerciser, outran everyone in my group except for my own son who I sent down streets to gather info instead of dragging everyone along. I had one boy who said between gasps of breath, "I just don't have the stamina I used to." I told him while that may be true, he has a fine vocabulary. And he does. Then we stood and watched the school Halloween parade. The parents form a giant square in the yard and the kids parade around inside it. We stood and answered questions from all the curious and horrified parents who'd heard about the trespassing guy. [By the way, he's been released on his own recognizance. Hopefully getting some medication details ironed out at a mental facility first.] That evening I paid my oldest son to sit with his friends on the front porch and hand out candy. One of his friends wore a king's robe and crown, Seth just dressed in his fanciest clothes - the fadora, the tight pants, the casual suit jacket...the boy should be a model. I took Sean, his cousin and his friend Caty out, while Stan followed around Luke's group of 10. They were going to go by themselves, but that plan fell flat after the trespassing guy. Then I came home, put my feet up and tried to recover from all that walking and jogging in one day.

Last night Seth went to Eastern Penitentiary with a friend celebrating a birthday and several adults. He got to see where Al Capone stayed and have actors jumping out at him at every corner. He just loves being scared. He said this one wasn't really that scary, he wants to go to another one in Philadelphia called 13 Floors. Legend has it that no one has ever made it to the top of this scary hotel. He probably could.

Sean's starting therapy on his arm again. They were happy to see him again and he them. He and his therapist are terrible talkers, they mostly exercise their jaws. She would like him to be left-handed again, as it will be good to develop it. So, until 5 he was truly ambidextrous. He choose his left with my encouragement because it looked like the one that he was most comfortable with and his writing was a tad nicer. (Not good on either!) So he chose left. Then promptly broke left. Wrote right. Got cast off, practiced some left the rest of the summer and started school left. Promptly broke left again. Has been writing right ever since. Now she wants him to be left and says there are very good reasons to make a definite choice. Does anyone out there know what I'm s'posed to do with this!?!?

Me, I've been helping a friend. She's actually a lady who I knew from our old church who has three girls my sons' ages. She's a single mom doing two businesses, a landlord and on the verge of collapse financially. I've just been going in and trying to organize one of her businesses, a candy shop. No, I haven't been concentrating on organizing the chocolates, but believe me it's hard! I walk by chocolate covered pretzels that have been dipped in mini-M&M's all day. Could you resist?!? I have, I've been on a sugar free diet the last couple weeks, so it's off limits. Yesterday I broke down and bought nuts because I needed to pretend I was eating chocolate. Anyway, as I said a couple posts back, I've been really enjoying this work. I love organizing and helping out where needed is always the most fulfilling work. Stan came yesterday and we put up some shelves together.

And for those who've asked about Luke - he appears to be fine. Well, he says he's fine every time we ask how he's doing. I perceive a quieter, pensive behavior and he actually argued with me yesterday. If you knew Luke, you'd know that arguing with someone with an attitude just doesn't happen, but I think he's tired and a little overwhelmed. He's had quite an eventful schoolyear. Well, I'm off to his soccer game. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.


rosemary said...

Doyou have time to breathe?

Paul said...

I'm sorry, but if Luke is beginning to argue, he is more than tired. He has been traumatized to the max. Some of his youth and innocence has been taken away. He doesn't know what to do about getting straightened out. Arguing is a cry for help.

God bless you all. You are strong and wonderful folks. Please watch. I'll pray.