November 10, 2007

Painted Snake Mustache and all

He'll be six in a couple days, this rascal. Think he enjoyed his birthday party at the candy shop?

I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I even forgot to tell two people where and when the party was. Last night it culminated in washing out my contact case with the contacts still in it. And I didn't realize I was doing it for a good twenty seconds. I was getting that case nice and clean though! I don't have disposable, I have one pair of gas permeable, so we have to purchase a whole new pair. That's when I thought it was time for me to take a breather. Today I spent a lot of time in my office room upstairs, reading, planning, doing pilates, etc.

Doesn't this time of year seem like a downward slide into Christmas, where you can't get a footing until sometime in early January?


Paul said...

Oh, I dunno about sliding downward. We have a magnificent two months just starting to float by. Let's see...
Mike's birthday (what pride that man has brought us)

Our 44th wedding anniversary

Thanksgiving (a trip to Amarillo to be among 5 grandkids!!!)
Nick's birthday (he's a grandson and what a grandson he is! Him are special!)

Marcie's birthday (Nick's mom--she's still the attractive and bubbly magnet she's been since childhood. What a doll!

Then there's the stuff that Christmas fun is made of. (White elephant gift parties, special friends and relatives...)

Meghan's birthday right after Christmas. (Our first granddaughter; and now she'll join our ranks as an adult. I still remember her soft, smooth, golden baby skin. I loved to touch her and hold her. She's the one who makes time fly!

And we can't wait to send e-Christmas cards to all our special blogging friends.

David said...

i am too busy to think about the time of year, it is all a blur. a happy blur, but flying by nonetheless.

rosemary said...

I agree...and my kids are all is a slide....but it goes up for a bit then down and then there is recoil....over and over.