December 27, 2007

Picture Me(me)

How do I spend my free time when the family is out at the movies???

An image-meme...For each topic, type your answer into Google image search.
Then post a picture from the first page of results.

1. Age at next birthday
2. A place I'd like to travel
3. My favorite place4. My favorite object
5. My favorite food
6. My favorite animal7. My favorite color
8.Town where I was born
9.Town where I live
10. Name of a past pet
11. Quality you aspire to
12.Best friend's nickname
13. My screen name
14. My first name
15. My middle name
16. My last name
17. Bad habit of mine18. My first job
19. My grandmother's name
20. My college major
Can you guess what my first job was...the quality I aspire worst habit?


Paul said...

Pretty good. We once had a dog named Seven, too.

Bad habit? Same as mine: judging others?

Aspire to "not curse?"

First job? Backpack packer.

rosemary said...

Hum I am a bit stumped...were you a bus driver? Do you want to be cast in bronze? Do you eat too many veggies? Is your g/mother's name Luke? Skywalker? Wookie? Is your middle name Radio? Tune? Song? Knob? You do resembel Jen...your hair is a bit darker.

Jennie said...

I was a busgirl! And my grandmother...she had the same last name as the actor who played Chewbacha...or however you spell it. My bad habit, well, the one that popped into my head at that moment was hesitation...the quality I'd want to have more of is positivity.