December 23, 2007

The Messiah

This was my first and best Christmas gift this year. My old church choir director asked my father to direct The Messiah (while she played the organ) and my sister, mother and I had the pleasure of singing under his direction.

This is us right before the performance.

This is Sean right after it started.

Here's dad directing.

There's me, standing between Steph and Sue, two of my favorite people. Steph has a special affiliation toward the Hallelujah chorus. I caught her tearing up at the end.

This was one of those times that I will remember always. I grew up going to my dad's concerts, my mom usually accompanying on the piano. I also sang under the direction of many directors, but this was the culmination of all of them. This made my Christmas.


rosemary said...

A blessed Christmas to you Jennie and your family...Wonderful to look back on forever. I thank you for visiting my blog, for letting me share in your life in this small way and for telling your stories so beautifully.

Lea said...

I really really wish I could have been there !! It looks beautiful... and Sean just doesn't appreciate fine music LOL