December 28, 2007

This Year I Will.....

I have one New Year's Resolution for 2008. I didn't keep any but one of my resolutions last year. I resolved to continue reading/studying straight through the Bible and I have and I am continuing that. But the others largely flew away before me like leaves in a gust and here we are peering into 2008.

My resolution this year might be hard, I am a book buying addict. I love books and sometimes I think I like buying them a tad more than I like reading them. Well, the evidence stands for itself. Either that or I have 3 kids, a dog, a husband, a house, a refridgerator filled with ingredients that must be fashioned into meals for five three times a day, a laundry room that is a magical fountain of dirty clothes. I am busy, like everyone else. But not too busy not to make resolutions every single year's end!

My resolution is to not buy one book for myself this year

Geez Louise, I don't know if this is possible!
That's why I made one caveat, one loophole, one ray of hope:
--unless I read all of the unread books I already have.


rosemary said...

I couldn't do it....I must have 500 boooks I have yet to read...does not matter one little bit because I will buy what is on the next NYT bestseller list that I didn't buy last week. It is an addiction, a passion and a joy to not only read but hold my books, thumb thru them and wonder about the stories in them.

Paul said...

I still haven't figured out what's so special about books, but they sure are special.