January 31, 2008

Birthdays Party

Last night my ma had a dinner for Seth's and my birthday. His is in a few days, mine is today. I am 43. AT 2:40pm AND NOT A MINUTE SOONER.

Sean decided to dress for the event.

Just for the fun of it, someone got Seth's old bib out of the drawer and made him wear it. He was so cute then, before he was old enough to get his driving permit.

The kids were pumping up these long balloons that, when you let them go, scream around the room and zip and fly everywhere. So, that was fun. Luke started attaching them to giant paper airplanes to improve their flight pattern. My two boys were playing with the candles, dripping wax on Grammom's tablecloth...My sister bought me something from Victoria's Secret.

No, just a cute pair of pajamas.

So, a good time was had by all. My mom cooked a delicious dinner, as usual. Seth and I got our own special mini chocolate-cherry cake, which was delicious. And then,

We got our coats and got our hats and went hooting and hollering into the cold January night back to our homes.


Lea said...

I'm such a horrible bloggy friend...here I've been worrying about myself and totally forgot your b-day...

Forgive me??? and a belated Happy Birthday
Love & Hugs,

rosemary said...

Happy, happy Jennie...be happy.....you are.

Paul said...

Happy Birthday. I'm sorry I'm late. I've been burning midnight oil with a non-blogging project. I had a birthday myself recently. Got a new hat out of the deal.