February 22, 2008


Do you know how long they've waited?

Do you know how much he begged me to come outside?

Do you have any idea what the yuccas must be thinking?

Can you guess how they welcomed us when we got to the hill?

Can you guess where this one hit me?

Can you imagine how much they regret missing that math test today?

Can you imagine how much they'd regret this?

Do you have any idea how fast he thinks he's going?

Remember the last time you smiled as you went careening onto a hard, snowy surface?

Do you see him pushing his luck?

Wanna guess whose child's hat this is?

Know how dangerous it is to be the last one to arrive at the church hill on a snowy day?

Does this bring back any memories of how ruthless young males can be when snow is available?

Do you know that this child, whose jeans are so wet they are falling down and exposing his pajamas, is still sledding?

But this one...

is home...

with me...

begging to go back.

Can you tell we don't have days like this very often?

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