February 24, 2008

Ruby at 1

Ruby is 1 today. Isn't she a cutie-pie? She is fiesty and smart and looks very pretty in snow. And though we haven't been very responsible in training her up in the way she should go, she is becoming a wonderful addition to our family. We all love her. If you are sensing a "but" coming, you are right.

She chewed a big hole in the carpet on our steps, one of the 6 things in the house that didn't need replacing.

Cute. Beautiful markings....

She chewed the wooden lid of our fireplace bench thingys.

She's chewed on woodwork. Don't deny it, sister.

She leaves piles of hair wherever she goes and even in places she doesn't go.
She attacks young children who come into her territory, rips their sleeves and pulls off their gloves. It's all in fun.
She loves stealing things like socks and gloves and prancing away from us, in the hopes that someone will come play.
She claims, drags off and chews any items left on the back porch.

I will say this for her - she can't be bribed. I've been trying to get her to bury these in the back yard for months:

She's a lucky girl, lucky that

she is so darned cute.

Have you met my new pets yet?

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David said...

what a beautiful dog!