February 20, 2008


68 words

Speed test

I typed 68 words per minute, after a few tries.

When I was in high school, I took typing and sat in front of Bob and behind Tom. We became buds and we'd race every time Mrs. Wasserman would time us. Tom, the BMOC, would usually win. He was a really great guy, great athlete, national honors society, prom king, president of the student body type. He asked me out, we went to a movie and then back to his house where he showed me pictures of his boat. I remember thinking he is so nice and this is just the thing that would be charming and melt my heart [if I believed I deserved a guy like this.]

I did end up marrying a really nice, great athlete, national honors society type. But my guy tells me he was horrified and removed his name from the prom king vote when he heard he'd been nominated. Which makes him very much my type.

How fast do you type?

And what's your type?


rosemary said...

Yea, Ok so my number is 28. Sucks. I took typing and was failing so I dropped the class. I can't type without looking at the keys. "My type" was wrong twice...so I guess my type now is the nerd brainiac...he is in MENSA

Jennie said...

I figured he was a genius, he's with YOU, isn't he? :)

CRAIG & DIANE said...

Like Rosemary, I was wrong twice too, but got it right the third time... my free spirit, a little rebellious man compliments my structured, must plan in advance soul to a "T". Took 3 years of typing in High School, glad to see my skills were still there at 77 wpm. Thanks for the website, will be revisiting it often.

rosemary said...

Well, Jennie....he had to kiss a few frogs before he found me...I doubt he found me brilliant but in good weather I can be fun.