March 18, 2008

18th Anniversary

Our anniversary is coming up the end of this month.
I met Stan in September of '86. This is the first picture I took of him and during the week while he was away at grad school, I'd stare at it thinking, "Is he really dating me?"

We spent a lot of time hanging out at his parents' house that year. It was my home away from home my senior year of college.
(I spent a lot of time here thinking, "Why does his mother call this furniture a pit group???" )

This is my graduation day and a hat that I bought Stan which he obviously has forgotten because he just looked at this picture and said, "What was I doing in that hat!?!"

This is us being silly in the condo where we did not live together the year after I graduated.
(That was a good mirror. It took 5 lbs off those who stood in front of it, so I did often. When I came to visit.)

On our honeymoon in '90, we drove south and landed in St. Augustine for a day.
("What was I doing in those shorts?!?")

This is us in D.C. visiting a friend named Togni. (Actually here we were with Togni visiting Lincoln.) I would be willing to bet that you don't know anyone named Togni. (Hi Togni googling yourself!!) This was a year before our first child was born. Stan really hates his glasses in this picture. Togni had a house rat and a gargantuan fish tank that spanned over the head of her bed, if I'm remembering correctly. I know I'm correctly remembering the rat...

And that's it. The kids were born, the romance went out the window and now we're just a worn down 40something couple waiting for them get jobs and move out.

Kidding!! I was kidding...and it's a miracle we did have kids with me walking around in a lumberjack jacket and baseball cap.

It was fun to reminisce.


rosemary said...

Beauty and her Prince is what I see...what a nice tribute. Jennie it goes this way....The kids were born, romance was secretive, we are in our 40's waiting for the kids to support us.....if you do it correctly.

Paul said...

A really nice post. You're a good writer. Happy Anniversary to both of you...and your kids, too.