March 10, 2008

Book O' Mine ~Peppermint

Bet you can't guess how much I spent on this book. Not 59¢. Not 33¢.
$15.00 + shipping.

I've told you about my Grammy. She was a gem. I used to sleep with her in her big bed and she'd read to me before we'd say our prayers. Looking back at special books from childhood brings back such vivid and visceral memories. I remember little images from the books she read to me and the ones I inherited after she died are like little treasures to me. Peppermint, however, was missing from the bunch and it was my favorite. I found it online and bought it. And at 43 years old I have to say I feel complete(r). The afternoon this came in the mail, Sean climbed up on the kitchen island, laid on his tummy and I read it to him. He liked the story too.

Peppermint is a story about a white kitten born in Mr. Dobby's candy shop. Her siblings, Caramel, Chocolate Drop and Lollipop were sold for 15¢ each to children who came to the candy shop after school. But Peppermint was skinny and no one wanted her.

So Peppermint stayed with Mr. Dobby and her mother, Candy, and played in the dusty, dirty storeroom. That is, until one day when a little girl named Barbara came in wearing a torn sweater. She was sad because she didn't have a kitten to enter the kitten contest at school.

Mr. Dobby, who'd grown quite fond of Peppermint...well, you guessed it.

And the winner of the kitten contest at school? Sure, you know it.

But unless you're lucky enough to own a copy of Peppermint yourself, I am quite sure you couldn't have predicted what happened while Barbara's mother was washing Peppermint in preparation for the contest. The kitten jumped into a bowl of bluing nearby and, well, see for yourself.

This one's for Rosemary who has sweet kitties of her own.


rosemary said...

Thank you, thank you Jennie....sweet, sweet story. No blue kittens here, but, all of my babies were unwanteds...feral, left on the railroad tracks, the "ugly" kitten of the litter, lived in a closet and ignored....your book was worth every penny of that 15 dollars plus shipping because of Sean up on the kitchen island. Sachiko and Spencer will be here this summer while their parents go off on an adventure....I plan on lots of days at the Library sharing the stories I loved as a girl.

Anonymous said...

This was one of my very favorite books as a child. My mom used to read it to me. Thank you for sharing the pictures. They are exactly as I remembered!!!

MiaTheReader said...

I wrote about Peppermint on my blog today and then wanted to see what other people had to say about it and stumbled upon your blog. I remember this book fondly but haven't seen it in years, so the pictures you posted really took me back. Thanks for the memories! =)