March 20, 2008

Cards & Letters

When I wrote my scribe post a while back, I was reminded of all the letters I have been keeping. I remembered one postcard in particular that my father sent me while I was at college. It's probably my favorite, but I found so many others when I went looking for that one. I'm going to share some of the ones that tickled me here.

If you have any old letters, I suggest you take them out sometime, fix yourself a pot of tea and settle in for a while. It's a pleasure. I laughed, I smiled - my family cracks me up! - and I did get a few lumps in my throat. The people in my life are fantastic, that's what I found. I can't believe how many people wrote to me while I was in college. How many of my loved ones have joyous senses of humor and love to brighten another's day with them. Gosh, I miss paper letters. I felt such love in these notes. I have to go give some hugs to those who were so supportive and loving while I was going through the ups and downs of college.

Some letters made me cringe. For instance, whenever I see a letter from my Nana, my dad's mom, I feel sad. We didn't see each other much and I know she felt left out of my life a lot. As a child I didn't know, but as an adult I can see it clearly in her letters and I wish I could have known her more and gotten close to her. I wish I would have traveled those two hours. I threw out all my letters from past boyfriends long ago. None of my notes is negative, perhaps I threw any of those out too.

This post card from my dad looks like it's from 1985, my junior year. Do you refer to pizza crusts as "bones?"


rosemary said...

Oh, jennie....I just sent off bunches and bunches of old letters from my uncle to my oldest son now has them. I don't remember my maternal grandmother but she wrote me lots of letters from 1944 thru 1952. Those I have kept...and yes, they are tear producers.

Paul said...

I'm getting the same "high" from reading and transcribing my dad's diaries.