March 21, 2008

Child Chatter

This is neat. I feel so professional.
Reading in my room, I could hear my 11 year old with his friend in the other room. They were writing an article for the school paper after interviewing a merchant downtown.

He never gives anyone else a chance!
Yesterday I went to my 6 year old's Kindergarten class for a party. I guess "Evan" always grabs a carpet square next to Sean at reading time and it annoys him. Sean complained with red face across the room to his teacher that Evan always invades his space, poking and hugging, and besides he never gives anyone else the pleasure to sit next to His Highness.

You're the prettiest mommy ever in the universe, in the past and in the future.
Well, I have three boys, 16, 11 and 6. You can probably guess from these words which one is the most exquisitely observant.


Paul said...

Cherish the memories. Cherish the memories.

By the way: these excellent blogs of yours will be to your sons, what those cards and letters are to you (see post below). I recommend that you either print and bind them or put them on CDs--or both. Then they will be saying nice things about you.

2¢ worth.

Happy Easter to you and your family

rosemary said...

I think the three of them got together, came up with the sentence and made Sean tell you how they felt.