March 12, 2008

Flower Show Follow Up

I wish this one came out better. I loved all those roses, the colors are my favorite. But the salespeople and customers kept getting in the way, so I felt rushed to snap quickly.

This was a display by a landscaper in our town. Another poor photo! They create entire yards and buildings in this show, very cool.

I have no idea why I took this one.

Yes I do, it was a feeble attempt to better capture this weird display. Yikes all around.

I do love succulents. These were for sale. There was also a flowering jade, I've never seen one of them before AND I didn't photograph it either.

This was my favorite thing in the whole show. A bowl with some sort of succulent. It was so beautiful to me I wanted to take it home and put in on my kitchen shelf.

Dog park.
More gorgeous colors I love.

You can see my self-diagnosed ADD coming out in these photographs. Crowds and noise tends to suck out my brains.

1 comment:

rosemary said...

Color and flowers.....I'm in love....not one white thing in the pictures! I have a cactus...succulents I can keep alive for a short while, nothing else