March 27, 2008

Frida's in Town

The oldest child needed extra credit in Spanish. Teacher said anyone who went to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and wrote a little commentary on two of the paintings would get points.

We drove into the city today, Seth, his friend also seeking extra credit, Luke and my niecey. I've been to the museum lots, but never for an exhibition. This was lovely. We had an audio tour and learned about the artist and her paintings. All four kids stood and listened to their headphone tour at each station and looked at every painting, every photograph of her life. They'd heard a little about the exhibition at school in art class or Spanish class and knew a bit about Frida Kahlo. I knew nothing about her or her work and was never really drawn to it. I appreciate it after seeing it all up close and learning about her life. As a matter of fact, I bought a framed print. Self-portrait with necklace. It spoke to me. I like her strength and grounded self-confidence. It is evident in her eyes. I decided then and there that I will look to purchase a framed print each time I visit the museum. I love this one and can't wait to find a home for it in my house.

The boys bought t-shirts with Frida Kahlo's art displayed on front. Seth purchased Me and My Parrots. They're going to wear them to school, perhaps seeking extra extra credit. Of course, I took the kids through the arms and armory section because I seem to be addicted to it. It's so strange. I never knew I even had this preoccupation. The next time I go, I'm going to purposefully avoid that section, so I can see more of what I haven't seen, for Pete's sake. Three of the four kids had never seen the display and they were fascinated as well. Luke took a bunch of blurry pictures of crossbows and guns. Seth enjoyed it, even if he doesn't appear to be bursting at the seams. It's "16." 6 He used to burst at the seams, believe me, and I probably reprimanded him for it. Now, a little bursting once in a while in front of Mommy would be cool, ya know?

This picture above shows the view standing at the front door of the museum looking out over the city, straight out the Ben Franklin Parkway to Billy Penn. It feels like an inspired spot each and every time you stand there. The little ones wanted to run down and then up the steps, which they did. It's simply irresistible.


rosemary said...

OOOOOOOO....we're going tomorrow!!!! I am so excited. I want to see the armor too, I want to think I am running up those steps, I want to get a t-shirt and some other touristy stuff....I can hardly wait, but first we have to go to the Reading Terminal Market so I can lay down on the bed to get my jeans buttoned Sunday morning and then rush thru the Franklin Scinece stuff....then I can go and have some real excitement. Can Seth get even more extra credit if he said he told his Aunt Rosemary to go to the exhibit?

Jennie said...

Gosh, I hope you like the arms and armory after all the stink I've made over it! It's right at the top of the big huge center steps you'll pass when you go to see Frida. :) I hope you get to see Frida...the exhibit has certain hours. Not sure what the Saturday hours are, Thursday was 11-5. Hope you have fun! I want to know your favorite Frida painting...we all had different ones, but we agreed on one thing. If we were a female artist prone to self-portraits, we'd paint ourselves without the 'stache. ;)

CRAIG & DIANE said...

I love when a blog entry is both entertaining and educational, thanks for the info. I took the time to go to the web site for her and learned more. Thanks again!