March 7, 2008

Hey Dawn

Today I'm entertaining a friend I haven't seen since high school: Hey Dawn. My parents refer to her as "Hey Dawn" because, I guess, that's what I always said when I was with Dawn. Yesterday I told my dad that Dawn was coming over today and he said, "Hey Dawn?" Then my mom walked up and I told her Dawn was coming over and she said, "Hey Dawn?" So yeah, Hey Dawn is coming over.

I've known her since I was 4. She lived around the block from me on the opposite corner. She let me ride her two-wheeler when I was 4 and after I'd successfully learned, I ran inside and demanded my dad take off my training wheels that minute! Dawn and I got along well because we both liked the same things, riding bikes, climbing trees, nature grubbin', ganging up against the boys. We probably didn't look like the tom-boys we were. We were quite the little team in the neighborhood.

I keep running into her mother and having her scratch down Dawn's number on a scrap of paper and then I don't call. But since lately I'm loving doing things I don't usually do, I called yesterday and she's coming over today for lunch.

And, luckily, since we both still look exactly the same as we did then, we'll have no problem recognizing each other. In our dreams.


rosemary said...

sweet, jennie, just so sweet.

Paul said...

More intriguing pictures. Hope you two had a nice time together.

I left a lengthy comment on your scriba, scribere, scrivener post of March 5.