March 22, 2008

March 22nd

I received an email recently that said the last time Easter occurred on the 22nd was 1818 and that everyone who is alive today will never see Easter again on March 23rd in their lifetime. I don't know if that's true, but there it is.

Last night all three kids slept somewhere else. Luke and Seth went to friends', Sean went to my sister's and Stan and I ordered in sushi and watched Atonement. Nice evening. Good movie. If we had known everyone was leaving earlier, we would have planned a night out, but a night at home alone was cool. This morning we went out to breakfast and a groovy joint that had good coffee and cappuccino, egg souffles, jazzy music and the customers brought their dogs! I had breakfast with an Akita and a dachshund.

After breakfast we went to Wegmans. I needed ingredients for a dessert I'm taking to Easter dinner tomorrow. It's called Put the Lime in the Coconut Cake and I saw a lady making it on television the other day. After we got back and the kids came home, we settled in for our annual egg dying session with my niece and nephew. The kids were great this year. They really got into it and cooperated so nicely. While they dyed at the kitchen table, I made lemon cookies for tomorrow.

Afterwards, they played outside and my sister and I filled tons of plastic eggs with candies for the egg hunt at my parents' tomorrow. This also entailed continuous testing of jelly beans, malted milk balls, chewy jell things and marshmallow duckies to make certain their quality was up to snuff for our children. My sister doesn't like much sugar, so I had to do much of this testing myself. Anything for the children. Our egg hunt is one of our favorite things. I love to see all the kids 6, 7, 9, 11 and 16 run around the yard with their baskets. We will not allow Seth to give it up until 18 and maybe 21, so he might as well not try to get out of it.

Then after they left I began the Lime/Coconut cake. The glaze to soak it in, the icing and the cake. I baked the cake on the wrong temperature and had to make it again. Luckily I had bought extra coconut milk and butter. And luckily, the first cake wasn't inedible, so Stan and I had lots of tastes this evening with comments like, you know, this isn't really that bad at all...if we had to, we could have used this one... While the second one baked, I made a taco dip for tomorrow as well. I should share that recipe sometime, it's always a pleaser. So I washed my mixer bowl and beaters about 5 times today, not to mention the cake pans twice and every other measuring item at least that.

I am tired, my feet hurt and my tongue even hurts from eating too much sugar today.
If I make it alive out of this holiday, I am going on the sugar wagon starting Monday.
Like the ole saying says: Easter binges bring insulin syringes.


CRAIG & DIANE said...

I watched that show too and "put the lime in the coconut" cake was the one I most wanted to bake and eat. Enjoy your Easter celebrations!

rosemary said...

Happy Easter, Jennie....many jellie beans to you.

Jennie said...

The cake was outta this world, I recommend it highly. All the adults loved it and all the kids didn't want to try it - even better! Happy Easter!