March 31, 2008

Newfangled Electronic Technology

I like it. I never thought I'd say it, but I'm liking it more and more every day! I'm not even sure I know the definition of electronic but I think I'm taking a liking to it. I always have defined myself as a plain girl, maybe even one who could have roughed it on the side of a mountain somewhere, but I'm writing this post on my husband's new laptop, sitting on a loveseat, propped with a pillow, with my feet on an ottoman. It's very enjoyable. Perhaps this post is more about being 43 and not quite so nimble and active anymore, more than the praises of electronics, I don't know.

Yesterday I bought my own cell phone and I used it many times while shopping. Very handy. I also like my 16 year old having his own. For one, he can call me from a track meet and say, "I'm going to be running my race in a few minutes," and I can scoot on over to the track, rather than having to sit through an entire track meet. I like to, but sometimes I can't. I can also reach him wherever he goes. For instance, he just stayed at a beach house with 8 friends overnight an hour away and it was nice to check in with him occasionally. (How that overnight with 8 18 year old guys an hour away thing happened would be in another post titled, Matters on which My Husband and I Do Not Agree.)

Another thing I I couldn't care less what kind of car I drive, mind you. I don't admire big SUVs or tiny sports cars - I just do not care. But as I walk to my van with many Target bags (just for example) I can open my back van door with the remote on my key chain and pop open the side door for my kids to pile in with the same, and that is what I call living high on the hog. When I walk away to return the cart, I can lock my kids safely inside with just a click of the thumb. Queen of the world.

I love my gps. It has familiarized me safely with a whole new section of Philadelphia that I'd never known before. I can go anywhere now without a thought of getting lost. Zip on over to the art museum, zing on over to the convention center, zoom on over to the Italian market for some cheese, it don't matter. GPS - Galavanting with Proficiency and Spontaneity - Maybe in some parts of the county this may not be such a big deal, but here in New Jersey and Philadelphia there are lots of roads and lots of cars and lots of wrong turns to be had. I've always been comfortable with reading maps, but gps's are ridiculous, they're so easy. I love mine!!!

You know what else I love? I love my debit card. I can pay for groceries in a flash, a flick of the card, don't even have to go to the bank first AND I can get some extra mulah along with my receipt for my next errand - or my next cup of Starbuck's nonfat grande cappuccino...but that's also another post and in that post I'll question strongly why Starbucks puts two shots of espresso in its grande cappuccino and two shots of espresso in its venti!! What kind of highway robbery is that? The same amount of espresso, just a bigger cup and another dollop of whipped milk? Well, there's an awesome coffee shop in town that gives one shot in their small capp, two shots in their medium and, duh, three shots in their large. Even four shots, if you're looking for a heart attack....But like I said, that's another post...unless espresso machine's fall under the category of electronics, but like I said, I'm not sure of the definition of electronics so I'm playing it safe.

I have a phone that announces who is calling by automated voice. We didn't know that when we bought the phone, until the Guenthers called and we heard, "CALL FROM GUENTHER G." That can scare a person who isn't expecting it, but I've grown accustomed to our phone "lady" keeping me abreast of my incoming calls.

You know what I don't have? An Ipod or the like. My kids have them, my father has one, my sister has one, but I don't even want one...then again, I didn't want a cell phone or a gps either and it took me forever to get a debit card. I didn't care about automatic windows on my car or that silly keypad on my dishwasher that broke and blew the whole motor within two years of purchasing it...and I didn't even push for getting a computer until it was your basic mandatory household item. And I do like mine.

Here we go, I just looked up the definition of electronic and it says: of or relating to electrons.
No wonder. I love electrons.


Still Not Goin Quietly said...

Jennie, I just love your blog. I came to find out what happened with the police last night and just ended up reading about 10 entries;o)

I am so behind the times with electronics but I really love me a laptop8O) I don't see a need for a GPS for me but I really want an IPOD. My problem is that I always wait "for the price to go down" and then what I've been waiting for becomes obsolete. Right now I'm waiting for the WIIs to come down into my budget range. I'll probably have a WII about the time the rest of the world is on WII 18. ~sigh~

rosemary said...

No GPS, no cool car remote, but I can operate a digital camera, my cute laptop, have had a cell phone for ages and want a Palm phone, have a separate Palm...why have 2 devices when I can get one....Steve has the GPS but I have to access it on his phone as well as his jawbone, am reluctant to use my debit card much....takes longer for a check to clear so I hold my $$$ for a day or so longer, I love my iPod just love it and when I have those ear buds in no one not even the cats bother me. My youngest son who is a bit younger than you thinks I am amazing for my age and electronic him fooled really well!!!!