March 30, 2008


Two new things: I've started painting and I bought a cell phone. Start the presses.

The cell phone.
I've had one for a while, but shared it with my 16 year old.
This new one I will actually have the opportunity to use.

The painting.
It's that art class again. Yes, I saw Frida, but she did nothing to boost my confidence in putting brush to canvas. Frida is bold. I am timid and worried. Frida paints deeply from her heart and soul. I paint with my right thumb, pointer finger and quivering brain. Frida's eyes stare fearlessly straight ahead. Mine keep shifting to that really great artist sitting to my left. Frida paints herself with a mustache. Say no more.

Anyway, the class has been really crowded and some people have horned in on the corner I've been sitting. I can't see my still life and it's been frustrating, especially since I chose that corner because at the time everyone else had chosen a different still life. So, I was seriously contemplating not showing up, rather than deal with pushy people, crowded situations AND an ignorance and fear of painting. But the class was emptier than usual today, so I soldiered on. I painted the outline of my still life. I learned how to mix my turpenoid with my linseed oil. I learned how to clean my brushes (I asked some lady standing at my shoulder staring at my painting.) I learned how to squint to see shadow and light more clearly. Weezy taught me that.

I'm contemplating one more new thing today. Joining Netflix. Seems like they have a great selection. I'm really into foreign movies lately. Also, the late fees at our movie rental place are killer and there's always a late movie hidden up in Seth's attic under piles of plates, trash and dirty clothes. Sounds like I'm picking on Seth today, so here's a new thing about him that's cool.

He just started running track! It's fun to see because I ran track in high school too. So I get to go watch him run on the track I ran on...and see the coach I had...and even some of the people I ran with who have kids's just fun. And he's enjoying it and doing well!


CRAIG & DIANE said...

I'm sure you know this saying “Dance as if no one were watching, Sing as if no one were listening,......" what you must tell yourself is paint as if no one were watching. Why is it that so much of our time is wasted spent thinking of what other's think of us? When the one person we should respect and love unconditionally is ourself. Start today, and paint from your heart!

Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me to say - I admire you for taking a class in painting...I hope it is al lthat you want it to be!

Sol said...

Thank you for coming by my sight. Keep on with the painting... and remember, an artist paints what she or he sees. Loosely translated... it doesn't matter how good it is.. it's really good that you dared to do what so many of us wouldn't dream of doing!! That in itself makes the painting beautiful!!
Good luck with the class and enjoy your son on the track field.

Paul said...

Best wishes. Now you'll be an artist and and a writer.

I went out for track when I was in high school. I tried to run away from home, but...

rosemary said...

Usually when someone takes over your space in some way it is because they think you have some advantage in that spot...I'd kinda take that as a compliment! Frida was/is beyond amazing....and i think she is beautiful even with a 'stache!