March 9, 2008

No Power for Flower

Correction: You will see some flower show pictures when Blogger is ready to allow me to upload images.

I met an online friend at the Philadelphia Flower Show yesterday. I've known Susan for years, we met on a homeschooling board and then a bunch of us chums formed a group from that and we chat, discuss, enlighten, support and cheer each other. (Okay, sometimes we bemoan, rant and complain. I think that happened twice.) So I escaped the house, I mean, kissed the family goodbye and drove on over to Philly and found myself a very expensive parking space. Only the best for Goldie, my old gold van. $20. But I didn't have to walk but a few blocks. I took approximately 7 steps into the convention center and toward a ticket booth when a lovely couple turned around, the man walked toward me and said, with a gleaming yellow ticket in his hand, "Have you bought a ticket yet?" I said that I hadn't and he said, "Here!" I was so touched - a $28 ticket! I followed them to the escalator and stood behind them beaming thanks, probably to the point where they worried if I was going to follow them all day. I would have, but I needed to find Susan.

Then I became temporarily distracted by a coffee shop and the sound of frothing milk. So I got in line and ordered a cappuccino. The lady handed me a cup with a lid and I walked away sipping it, thinking this is the worst cappuccino I've ever had, why did I think some little coffee shop in a convention center would make good cappuccino.... I opened the lid and it was hot water. The lady evidently thought I said cup of tea. So I went back to the counter, grabbed a tea bag and called Susan.

We missed calls for a bit, so I walked around for a while enjoying the displays. Soon we hooked up and decided to go get lunch at Reading Terminal Market. We sat at a counter and had a great beef sandwich, mine had sharp provolone cheese and broccoli rab. Then we returned to the show and had a lovely time. I bought a pottery bird feeder to hang outside my kitchen window. At the end of the day we got ice cream cones and sat in a sunny window and talked some more.

In the end, I didn't get all that many pictures and most of them were not flowers. And the ones that were flowery were rather blurry. But...I'll post 'em anyway, at a time in the future when Blogger decides is best.

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rosemary said...

sounds like a pretty wonderful day....took me forever to load Guido's pics this morning....blogger probably has a headache...parrrrty weekend maybe. Every once in awhile someone makes humans look OK, don't you think?