March 25, 2008

Post Humiliation Motivation

Do you do this:

For instance...your house is a total wreck. You've known you have to do something about it, but you've been busy or lazy or stuck in a rut and then - someone who you'd really really NOT want to show up at your front door shows up at your front door and you have to invite him or her in to your nightmare. You may even have to get them a cup of tea or sit and chat for an hour. When the intruder into your nightmare finally leaves you take a shower, fix your hair maybe even apply make-up and then you give your house the best cleaning it's seen in months. Why. It's called post humiliation motivation. It doesn't really matter at that point what your house or your hair looks like, but some part of you needs its dignity back anyway.

I don't know, maybe I'm the only one.


Diana said...

Yes, I do this all the time. Now there's a name for it. Thank god someone gave it a name.

Jennie said...

I made it up! Glad to here you do it too. :) Misery loves company.

Still Not Goin Quietly said...

Jennie, you crack me up! I TOTALLY do that! The last time was a few weeks ago when my nasty ex son-in-law came to pick up the boys. I wasn't in there so he went, literally snooping into every room making snide comments to my girls. I was so furious. I cleaned that house to within an inch of it's life. I was hurting so bad the next day but boy was that house clean!