March 9, 2008


I drove through a terrible rainstorm today and almost crashed three times!!! The road was flooded badly, drivers were clueless (including me) and I could barely see where I was going.

I was on my way to a shower. A wedding shower. My best friend's niece's shower.
She was BEautiful and so sweet and her bridesmaid made "The Best" cupcakes I have EVER had in my many-shower-going life. They were scrumpdillyious. And moist.
Oh, back to the bride. She was radiant.

And she wore her obligatory ribbon hat with much grace.

And she wore...

the same shirt as me!

Monday look forward to lots of pictures from the Philadelphia Flower Show!
Beaucoup bouquets!

1 comment:

rosemary said...

That is a really pretty and flattering color on both of you....Great Aunt Jennie...for which a tablet is appropriate...