March 13, 2008

Well, this was an interesting day. It started last night when Sean was tearing up because his throat and ear hurt so bad. My kids have been sick for a couple weeks with some sort of nagging thing. So, since I only had a drop of Tylenol left and it was late, I ended up getting in bed with him to try to calm his poor little head. Didn't work and I finally gave up at 2:30 and went to my bed. When I woke up this morning he was there sleeping too.

So I took him to the pediatrician and we sat and sat and finally figured out that they didn't have us electronically registered, so they'd forgotten about us. I was falling asleep holding Sean who was falling asleep and could only get comfortable on my lap. We went back and the doctor said he has a bulging ear infection and a worrisome heart murmur. Yes, you heard right. She found a heart murmur and is concerned. She called in a student who listened and then they talked about how it is not an "innocent" murmur, but something that needs further attention.

So, we're taking pink bubblegum flavored medicine for the ear and going to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to a pediatric cardiologist for the heart! And I thought my biggest problem today was going to be a lack of sleep.

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