April 21, 2008

'At's My Boy

Sean recently decided that he wasn't going to have candy for one month. That's a bit troublesome because either 1) his sugar addiction is so bad even he - a 6 year old - has noticed it, or 2) he's copying me and my wacky food struggling behavior.

At the farm market, Sean turned to me pointing to the gum in his mouth and said, "Oops! That's the third thing I wasn't supposed to have since I started. Now I have to stop doing it, because when you have sugar three times you have to just quit."

"Or you could just start again," I said loading my stuff onto the counter, then wondered why I added that two cents.

"You're right!" He said, cheerfully, "I can start again!"
Then he spun around with a twinkle in is eye and his finger raised high, "Tomorrow!"


rosemary said...

Smart boy.

Paul said...

That's how I diet, too.