April 8, 2008

Fun with Photobucket

Seth got me started. Now it's 11:48 and I am doing stupid things like this. I'm sure these skills will come in handy eventually. I can digitally alter the dark circles under my eyes tomorrow.


rosemary said...

Isn't that why you had kids? So they could teach you stuff and how to have handy skills? Can you maybe fix me too if i send a picture to you? I want to look like Nicole Kidman.

Jennie said...

I'll give it a whirl Rosemary, but I'm not proficient. You might just end up with a thought bubble over your head that reads: I think I look like Nicole Kidman. Believing it is half the battle, right?

Charmarie said...

Thanks for the visit and the congrats! I love altering my photos, espically with the who dark circles thing ;)

I use Picnik, it's a program that you can use with your Flickr account or standalone.