April 5, 2008

Letter From Me

I hate reading things I wrote in the past. This was part of a letter home to my family from my junior year of college. I was a nutrition major, but I'm not sure where the onion/windshield information came in. I tend to remember information like that. I was taking Cell Physiology that semester (again) and having bad dreams. I dreamt that my professor had to leave the room and I was left to teach the lecture hall full of students. I looked down and didn't have a shirt on. That's about how embarrasing my grades were, that class kicked my butt, but I finally got through it. I was also working at McDonalds for some spending money. Horrible, horrible uniform. If I had any guts, I'd post that picture. I mention Bear's Place. Little did I know, in less than a year I'd be meeting my future hubby there on a Sunday night in September.

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