April 28, 2008

Minus the Pictures

I've become so dependant on pictures on my blog that it feels unnatural just to write about my weekend. My computer is in the shop and I'm cranking this out on a little old laptop that my hubby used to use in the field. I would have no idea why in the world he'd need a computer to test wells and take samples and such, I guess that's why he makes the big bucks and I make dinner. Anyway, I'm wasting precious time because this is going to freeze up any minute.

Friday after school I had some friends over for Beer:30. Not my usual Friday activity, but...This is an previously established event that my friends Val and Krissy made up years ago. They do it about once a month, meet at one or the other's home and have a few while the kids run rampant through the neighborhood. That doesn't sound so good, but hey I got invited a couple weeks ago and the kids had an absolute ball playing together and we ladies sure did chat it up for hours. I don't drink beer, but I had some red wine I brought along in a coffee cup. So, since Val bought dinner that night, I figured I should return the favor. We had 14 kids this time, two more moms too. There was much bike riding, sidewalk chalk drawing, hammock swinging, sandbox playing, scooter scootering, boy chasing....lots of fun. And my back porch is high above my backyard and large driveway area, so we sat there and munched and sipped and chatted. It was a great way to bring in the warm weather.

Saturday we went to a surprise 50th birthday party and I got to chat with a lot of old friends, including a few I graduated with and one guidance counselor of mine. Too much good food there too. I can be such a recluse, so sometimes it takes major life events and beer:30 type impromptu things to draw me out. And I'm always glad when I do crawl out and actually see other people, amazingly.

But the most fun I had...and the reason I wish I had pictures to share (although the 14 kids and their doings would've been a refreshing eyefull) is that I did even more great strokes of the brush at my art class this weekend and I'm so excited! The painting is really starting to look like something and I'm actually getting ideas of where it's going! It's so much fun. There is one big BUT however. The class is over on the 18th and I have to miss class on the 10th. And then my painting has to sit there for months until classes start up again in September. I am going to miss it dearly, so I am going to start one here at home and work through the summer.

Yesterday my Pop Pop turned 94. Have I ever told you that he has a cd that will mature in 2030? I called him last night and he was so excited. He talked to everyone he's ever known (well, those who are living) yesterday. Everyone called to wish him a happy day and this thrilled him. And today he's going on a car trip with my mom and his sister to his mother's childhood town to bring up some old memories and stories. He said he'll take me and my sister sometime too.

Well, I'm going to close for now because this computer is fickle. My hubby just called and the computer guys downtown think that they'll be able to fix mine...something about a power thing or something. They believe all of our pictures and stuff are still there.

Later! Hopefully sooner!


Mom said...

What a lovely weekend. When our kids were young it was a normal activity for the moms to visit and eat and visit while the kids of the neighborhood ran and played together. I miss my children. They are all very nice grown-ups, but I do miss my children.

Paul said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend. Well, since you didn't put up any pictures, I did. The quadruplets, you know.