April 18, 2008

...No Bologna

My middle child/artist extraordinaire is one of the winners of a Sony Earth Day art contest. There were 850 entries from schools all over the world, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, US cities - wherever there's a Sony plant, I guess. 15 winners

Today we went to a Sony luncheon to reward some of the kids whose drawing won a month of the new Sony calendar.

They handed out gifts to the winners! Two movies and a Sony media player. Cool.
He did manage a smile after this picture. His tummy was feeling bad for a while, nerves I guess.
Luke's art teacher and classroom teacher came too, they were proud of him.

Then we all walked outside and the kids "planted a tree." Some little brother and sisters joined in too, but Luke's brothers weren't there. Sean would have asked way too many questions of the tour guide and we'd still be there.

They had a lovely spread for us - hot dogs, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese...all the cliche kid foods. Then they gave us a tour of the plant. Robots, all kinds of unimaginable equipment efficiently making dvds and cds. There goes a "frog!" A little robotic car, the kids enjoyed.

Then our nice tour guide told us exactly how dvds and cds are made. I mean exactly. Ask me anything you've ever wondered and I can give you the answer. That's a lie. I was told the answer, but my brain has a certain allotment of new information space per day and this tour exceeded that greatly.

Here are some more of those fun frogs. They will not hit you, even if you stand in front of them. I, um, figured that out.

So we learned how cds and dvds are made, stamped, bonded together (they're two pieces!) and how they laser information onto them and so, so much more. But in the end, this is what's important:

Electric Light Orchestra hot off the presses, flowing like water from a spring.
They're still puttin' out ELO? Is this plant in the dark ages??

Then someone (moi) began taking pictures of Luke in front of the Sony display and he held his calendar page upside down.

Luckily, his teacher wanted to snap a few for the town and school papers, and she got him turned in the right direction. Those teachers...they keep things in good order. She was my sewing teacher in junior high school many moons ago - well, back in the ELO ages.

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rosemary said...

1. You do not look like Amy Grant....I think she wears too much make-up.
2. You are thin so get used to that compliment.
3. So Luke is Mr. June? how absolutely cool is that....what an amazing thing to experience for all of you.
4. ELO? Really? (be careful Jennie...I still like ELO) I just got a Steely Dan CD yesterday at Wallie World. I'll have to look for ELO next time....it was one of those green CD's...no fancy packaging just a CD in a cover.
5. Where can I get a calendar?