April 3, 2008

Round the Castle and Broccoli Souffle

The two things I accomplished today:

Playing many games of Round the Castle...

(I actually contemplated for one second photographing the moves of an entire game of Round the Castle and posting it as a blog entry - THAT'S how slow things were around here today. )

....and making a Broccoli Cheese Souffle.

And I submitted a blog entry. Three things.


Anonymous said...

Oh that souffle looks great! I've never tried one, though my grandmother used to make a really great chocolate souffle, which she said dirtied every bowl & pan in the house (it was worth it) the whole idea intimidates me though, mine would be sure to fall!
Thank you for stopping by my blog today via Michele's.

rosemary said...

3 is a good number...qualifies you for a nap! The souffle.....I'd eat broccoli if it looked like that masterpiece!