April 2, 2008


I'm trying to read Go Fug Yourself, so funny - the writers are so clever - and I just needed to veg for five minutes (maybe 30) and Sean is here behind me yammering and yammering. The kid can talk. He is delightful, really, but I have concentration issues. I can't.

So, finally, after many questions and look at this and do you know what, moms? I said,

"Sean...I ...can't," in between posts and views of celebrities in silly clothes.

He said, "Can't what, Mom?"

"I can't...I just ... can't think right now."

"Everybody's always thinking, Mom."

"Well, I just can't... think... about what you're saying right now."

"Nope, I don't get that either," he says as he leaves the room.

This morning we got great news. He went to a cardiologist for a heart murmur that was worrying his pediatrician and it's A-okay. We are all so relieved - great birthday present for Grampop who was very worried. Nope, Sean's perfect, just like I keep saying. Except for maybe all that tal- never mind, he's perfect. Now, off to find that game he wants to play.


rosemary said...

Years ago...Go Fug Yourself....was a line Red Fox used for a commercial on soap.....was naughty and funny beyond my loud annoying laugh. As for Sean....yup, perfect I'd say.

Linda said...

Kids...my son makes noise and talks and sings and moves from sun up to sun down...non-stop. He scares me! I need an escape sometimes!

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday from Michele's.

Elisa said...

LOL i had forgotten all about Go Fug Yourself - off to check that out!

(I found you via Michelle.) ;)