May 9, 2008

Friday Five Glimpses

hanging garden in Princeton tea shop

the Tuscano at Mastoris'

my painting, ready for color

Grampop and Sean in Princeton

Sean among men


rosemary said...

1. I have never seen a hanging garden.
2. Could you actually open your mouth wide enough to eat that Tuscano?
3. Why does it need more color?
4. Did you cry when you took that picture?
5. Or this one?

Jennie said...

1. Neither have I! It was so cool and keeping a 6 year old at a safe distance from it was hard!
2. No. It was ridiculous, but good.
3. Well, Louise is teaching us to paint it first in a few tones and then add color...the bottle and the bowl are green, the towel is light blue, the radishes are pinkish...I don't know, I'm just followin' Weezy. She seems to know what she's talking about.
4. I love this one of those two.

Mom said...

Love your pictures!