May 16, 2008

Friday Five Glimpses

~Things That Saved My Week~

1. Sean and his cousin dressed up in their hip-hop dance costumes for pictures. Black pants, a black collared shirt, a silver sparkly tie, a black fedora with a silver sparkly band. As Frank Sinatra is my witness, I do not think anything cuter existed at that moment.

2. On my morning walks with Coleen, we often walk a path through a park with a lake. One chilly morning, early, we walked by a couple of Canadian geese and their 10 yellow babies, each about the size of a mango. The babes were huddled, face in, tail out in a circle sleeping. We stood there just inches away groaning like mothers do when they can't get their hands on 10 fuzzy yellow babies that need to be pawed and hugged. Even now, I am longing in pain just writing these words. I wish I could have been a blade of grass in the middle of that dozing huddle.

3. Tuesday night I had the rare pleasure of going out for sushi, sitting in one of those cozy, low tables on the floor and eating Shogun Maki, Cindy Holiday Roll and a tuna roll - oh, and a great spicy shrimp soup!!! - with two of my best friends ever. (Notice the food gets the italics and exclamation points and the "best friends" get the simple period. But they know this about me and they except me just the way I am.) Then we came home to my house and sat on the back porch and had some Pino Grigio in little juice glasses and had more fun. We pondered why it's so great to be with friends you've known since childhood - it seems that nothing can compare. We spilled some personal secrets, shared some support and hugs, laughed at all kinds of nonsense...and when it got chilly, we got some blankets and talked some more.

4. I am loving this new book I got for Mother's Day. The Art Spirit. Whew. It is profound and has masterfully answered many of the questions I have about my painting already in the first 50 pages. Excellent book.

5. And speaking of food, a family sent Stan a beautiful gourmet gift basket for coaching their kid and in that basket - which I happened to open when it arrived on the front porch and no one else was around, well, they were out back but I didn't want to disturb them - were chocolate covered dried cherries. And I thought, What he doesn't know, won't hurt him.


rosemary said...

1. No picture?
2. Oh, I wish I had been walking with the 2 of you as well....I can feel the soft fuzz.
3. I am not a big sushi fan but would have swallowed it whole to just be with friends like that.
4. Can't wait to see the finished painting.
5. I won't tell if you won't tell I ate the nuts in a basket we got for Christmas.

Mom said...

There is nothing finer than sitting on the porch with good friends and talking late into the night.