May 30, 2008

Friday Five Glimpses

Five orders...(Five reasons)

Healing by Francis MacNutt

A pedometer

Brown Reef sandals

Northern Exposure - The Third Season

The Waltons - The Sixth Season


rosemary said...

I want to know what the 5 orders/reasons are; what the sandals look like....I have a pedometer but it is a dud, no on the waltons and I live in a Northern Exposure kind of place.....I have promised myself I will not buy one more book until I have read 10....I started the first one last night.

Jennie said...

Well, I linked all the items and the sandals come up red, but you have to click on color to see the brown/taupe version. I needed something for the pool (she typed while wearing the black and aqua flip flops she bought last year).

Coleen and I are wondering how many steps we're taking...$20.00 isn't too much to pay for an answer is it? Maybe I'll wear it all day and be inspired to do the 10,000 step thing.

Oh...that book thing. You're actually keeping to the promise you made yourself?? I sorta reneged on my NY's resolution a while back. :/ I have been reading them though.