May 17, 2008

Goodbye for Now, Still Life

Last day of art class. The boy was assigned to a spot in the sculpture class for next fall, so I get to go back. Today my painting dries in the locked closet of the top floor studio where it will remain till then. Sound a little sentimental, do I? Considering I wanted to cut and run out of there a few times this spring, I have made a 180 turnaround - photographing my painting after every session and kissing it goodbye in the last. Not really. It is rewarding, though, and downright addicting as it starts to look like something. You don't even care if it's "good," "bad," or "mediocre." There's something about trusting yourself to attempt and keep right on attempting that is surprisingly satisfying.

Oh, that background gave me fits just like the towel gave me fits. If I had been at home I would have grabbed a bag of Smartfood and sat down at the computer instead, but since Weezy was keeping an eye on us I just put my brush in some paint and globbed it on. Then I looked at the backdrop which, maddeningly, is different every single week. This particular week it was nowhere near the still life, but draped much higher above, exposing the wooden plank room-divider it hangs on. Arg. So I squinted and imagined and tried to paint it where I wished it was/were (Paul help me out). Then Weezy walked by and I looked at her like a spoiled child who wasn't getting her way. She moved in. "Oh, yes, I see what you're doing. I can see it, yes. Okay, I think this fold is higher..." She ran her thumb nail up the canvas making a groove in the wet paint. I thanked her and began moving up my fold. She was right. She's always right and I totally get her. She's like a 4'10" painting Zen master/comedian and all her painting council and comments somehow equally apply to life.

So, since my beloved first-ever oil painting is locked in Philadelphia all summer, I will start another. I have a few ideas and will share as they unfold.


rosemary said...

Why couldn't you bring it home? I love it...makes me want to fix the spillage...and take a little sip when no one is looking.

Jennie said...

She wants us to paint from real life, so I have to finish it there. I had the colors this week, but she said I might as well keep painting in "values" until next year. I was going to finish it by looking at a picture if we weren't going back, but this is better. But I'll miss it. :(