May 31, 2008

Hip, Hop, Headache, Home

Here's Sean waiting to go up for his hip hop dress rehearsal. I feel the need to explain. It's not that I'm against dance, absolutely not. Or boys dancing - nope. It's just that I personally have never ever considered dancing other than at a wedding or a high school function. So I would never have thought to ask my kids if they wanted to take dance, even if I had girls.

But my sister went and married into the dance family in town. THE town dance company, you might say. And so her kids dance because her mother in law is THE dance person in town. Get where I'm comin' from? So for years, Grammom "G" we'll call her - because Sean calls her Grammom too, since his cousins do and he still can't figure out how she's their Grammom and not his - Grammom G has always offered my kids free dance lessons and Sean's the first taker, because his cousin and best pal in the world Evan takes hip hop.

And low and behold, he's probably the most dancinest kid of the whole cousin bunch. He's got rhythm and stuff. He knows his routine and he does it with finess.

He makes me smile just watching him hip and hop around to that rap music stuff the kids are listenin' to these days. It's too much, it's too cute, it's something Stan will simply have to live with.
And just look at those costumes! Oh my. It's too much.
Two of the kids were missing today, but the other four did well.
Look at Sean weave between his cousin and another dancer. He's too cool! I can't believe we have a dancer in the family.
I won't be able to get pictures this good at the recital. Not that these pictures are at all good. My brother in law was taking the video. Wonder if I could post a video. That would be a miracle if I could figure out how to do that.
So, that was my morning's doings, bringing Sean to the rehearsal....
Then I attempted to watch Seth run in the state level track meet he qualified for last weekend.

And the following is an example of that saying Hurry up and wait with an added to no avail thrown in for a good measure of frustration. Sean and I drove down to the shore...stopped for gas and waited for the tank to fill but the guy hadn't started it right, so I waited twice...which left me with $6 and change in my to the meet...went to the front gate where I saw that it would be $11 for us to get in...I said to Sean something like I didn't know it'd cost me $11 to see my son run a race for 54 seconds...the guard turned around and looked at me...I went to the car and drove a couple miles to the nearest ATM machine where I couldn't find my card in my wallet for a good 10 minutes...finally got money...drove back, found a parking place, walked to the gate and the guard walked right up to me, face to face, smiled and said, "It's free now." I said, "Nuh uh." He said, "Uh huh." I smirked and walked in. (The meet was half over.) Talked to a few people from town, found Seth who said he'd be running in a while and then I heard thunder. Sat trapped in my car with a 6 year old boy for the next hour as it thundered and rained steamy hot May rain under a gray sky which had a single hole in it for the sun to pour through...Sean played GameBoy (thank heavens for GameBoys, I love the little buggers) he peed into a plastic cup in the back seat (thank heavens for three boys, it has made my life a tad easier...What am I saying? I'm not sure if being able to pee in a cup evens out the scales, that sounds like fodder for another post) ... my friend called and wanted to talk about her marriage and the guy sitting in the car next to us kept yelling into his phone, "Yes! There IS a tornado watch! Yes, there is!"

I am writing this post, so there's evidence that I made it out of that black hole, the twist of universal energy wackiness that occured on 24 High School Drive today. Seth just walked in, they postponed the meet until tomorrow. Guess who's not goin'?


Mom said...

I love watching kids dance. They are adorable and as they get older they become very good. Boys who dance are always in high demand.
Sometimes motherhood is just a long series of waiting for your kids to have their moment in the sun.

Paul said...

I am still upset with my church's leaders who taught us kids that dancing can lead to something else. That ain't necessarily so. Dancing is good for the soul. Dancing is poetry in motion; beauty alive; freedom of expression.

There once was a King of Israel who danced in the city streets without any clothes on. His wife laughed at him and she's the one who got poxed. Good.

Whenever they ask us to list all our regrets, I'll regret that I never took lessons. Or danced all night. Or danced with the stars. But maybe someday I will.

So go, Sean, go! And don't look back! And God bless your parents who let you dance because you've got rhythm and finesse--the most dancinest kid of them all.